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Anglo-Saxon Open Day 20 October

posted on September 10, 2019

On Sunday 20th October, Sylva Foundation will be celebrating the completion of the reconstruction of the Anglo-Saxon ‘House of Wessex’ at the Sylva Wood Centre by holding a public open day.

Wulfheodenas at the House of Wessex, July 2019

Wulfheodenas at the House of Wessex, July 2019

Come along to marvel at the amazing hand-crafted building whose timber frame used 80 trees donated by Blenheim estates before being shaped by dozens of volunteers earlier in the summer. During August, families came to help complete the wattle and daub walls, before work could start on the thatched roof.

Living History Society the Wulfheodenas will be moving into the house, and able to talk with visitors about their plans to turn the empty house into a living breathing reconstruction of Anglo-Saxon society. Also on display will be metal work, weaving, and perhaps a little cooking on the open fire.

Open 10am-3pm, Sunday 20th October.
Free entry.

Read more about the project: www.sylva.org.uk/wessex

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund



  1. Fascinating! I wish I could have been there tomorrow for the Anglo-Saxon day. Looking forward to learning more about your projects.

    Best wishes,

    Comment by Michael Lyle — October 19, 2019 @ 11:06 pm

  2. We really enjoyed visiting the House of Wessex with our kids today. It looked amazing and it was great to meet the Wulfheodenas in their fantastic costumes.We learned a lot about how people lived in those days and had a close look at artefacts from those days. If I could suggest one thing it would be a chance for us to join in more,eg taste some food,make something or wear something so we could get more involved.
    We enjoyed the opportunity to see this amazing project all the same.

    Comment by Becky — October 20, 2019 @ 4:19 pm

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