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TreeWatch evolves

posted on March 1, 2011

Our latest initiative TreeWatch is evolving this month as we start implementing some major developments to the website that lies at the heart of this innovative project.


We launched TreeWatch last year as a small pilot, which allowed us to road test the technology and to build relationships with key partners; notably Earthwatch, Forest Research and The Tree Council.  We wanted to develop a unique initiative that would allow any member of the public to ‘adopt’ a tree and to monitor its health.  For our pilot we ran a survey on the horse chestnut leaf miner, with some 50 trees being adopted by the public across the UK and France using our newly developed dedicated website.

We have since been working behind the scenes to develop an improved version of the all important website.  Some existing users may already notice some subtle changes in place.  Over the next few weeks the development of more features will have been completed and will be published live on the website.  One of the most significant developments is the broadening of the initiative beyond tree health, to include additional surveys and monitoring activities.

We are very excited to have a major new research partner (to be announced) working with us from 2011, and we will be launching a new tree health survey with them in April – watch this space!  We are also talking currently with a number of public and private sector partners to explore other opportunities.

Have you adopted your tree yet?


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Sponsored bike ride to raise funds for oak research

posted on February 10, 2011
Ride for Research

Sylva’s CEO, Gabriel Hemery, will be cycling 15 miles through London and visiting three inner city schools to plant trees on 23rd March.  He is one of  thirty tree professionals who aim to raise money to support important research to battle Acute Oak Decline.  He is looking for sponsors to help him reach, and hopefully exceed, his target of £200.

Find out more, including how to donate online, here

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TreeWatch pilot success

posted on December 2, 2010

We have now finished the pilot phase of our newest initiative TreeWatch.

We launched the pilot quietly during Summer 2010 with the support of our partners Earthwatch, Forest Research and the Tree Council.  We wanted to roadtest the website and develop the support we could offer volunteers who ‘adopted’ trees.

Overall, 113 trees of nine different species were adopted across Britain, and two trees in France.  Twenty five volunteers adopted horse chestnut trees and looked for the leaf miner that was the subject of our first scientific survey.

We are now looking forward to launching the project in full during 2011.  We will soon have some exciting news regarding our partners, and the subjects for our scientific studies.  Watch this space.  Meanwhile, the website remains fully functional and if you want to have a go by adopting your own tree, please get involved. Visit www.TreeWatch.com

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TreeWatch in the national news

posted on November 22, 2010

Our TreeWatch initiative recently featured in a national newspaper in an article published in the Mirror.

The article encouraged people to “Do good feel good” by adopting a tree in TreeWatch.

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TreeWatch pilot – six weeks remaining

posted on September 12, 2010

Our pilot of the TreeWatch initiative has been progressing well over the summer.  About 50 horse chestnut trees have been adopted and surveyed across the UK, and one in the south of France.  Volunteers from the Tree Council and EarthWatch have been  asked to help us develop and test the website, and to tell us about their experiences in adopting and surveying trees.

We will continue to survey the distribution of the horse chestnut leaf miner pest until the end of October.  So, it’s not too late for you to sign up and have a go yourself – it is open to any member of the public.

Horse Chestnut trees affected by the pest are very easy to spot at the moment.  They appear to have turned autumnal while other tree species around them are still in their summer greenery.

To find out more and to get involved see www.TreeWatch.com

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TreeWatch – can you help?

posted on August 5, 2010

The Tree Council, one of our partners in TreeWatch, has published an article encouraging volunteers to get involved.  You can read it here

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TreeWatch pilot launched

posted on July 1, 2010

We are delighted to launch our latest initiative today: TreeWatch.

TreeWatch is a ‘citizen science’ project that aims, with the help of the public, to keep a watchful eye on the health of trees across Europe.  It is being launched as a pilot for 2010 in partnership with the Tree Council and Earthwatch, and in collaboration with scientists from Forest Research.


TreeWatch activities for the pilot this year are limited to looking at one tree species and one of its pests: the horse chestnut leaf miner.  We thought that by launching TreeWatch as a pilot, we can learn more about the effectiveness of the online tools and how to engage with volunteers.  Our hope is that the pilot will be a such a success that it will help us launch a full TreeWatch project in 2011.

During 2010 we will be working directly with the Tree Wardens across the UK, and with Earthwatch volunteers.  However, anyone can sign up and get involved.  If you know a horse chestnut tree, perhaps in your local park or one that you walk past everyday, why not ‘adopt’ it and put it on the map?  To find out more visit www.TreeWatch.com


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Earthwatch intern to support TreeWatch

posted on June 22, 2010

Preparations for the launch of our new initiative, TreeWatch, are progressing well.  We will be working with a number of organisations over the summer months to test a pilot of TreeWatch.  One of these is Earthwatch, who are generously supporting the pilot by offering their intern Nick Kirkby.

Nick will be working with us during July and August and will be helping with the completion of the website, and then busy roadtesting the technology and handling the data as it comes in.  Welcome Nick, and thank you Earthwatch!

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TreeWatch initiative germinates

posted on June 1, 2010

We have been working for some on a major new initiative to help monitor the health of Britain’s trees using a ‘citizen science’ approach.  We are pleased to announce that the initiative, to be known as TreeWatch, will be launched as a pilot in 2010.

Several major partners have been working with us in developing the concept and will help us road test the technology, scientific methods and user interface throughout the 2010 pilot.

A new website is currently in development and will be launched by July, in time to support the first survey work by volunteers across Great Britain.

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