Updates to Management Plans and Felling Permissions in Scotland

posted on July 18, 2019

From today both the Management Plan template and Felling Permissions application have been updated in myForest. If you have previously created a management plan or generated a felling licence application, the information and data entered will now be in these new templates.

Scottish Forestry logo

Scottish Forestry logo

On 1 April 2019, the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018 came into effect, completing the devolution of forestry to Scotland.

This has led to the creation of two new Scottish Government forestry agencies. One of them, Forestry and Land Scotland, is now responsible for managing the National Forest Estate. The other, Scottish Forestry, replaces Forestry Commission Scotland, and is responsible for forestry policy, regulation, support and the awarding and payment of forestry grants.

As part of these changes Scottish Forestry have updated their Woodland Management Plan template and Felling Permissions application form.

screen shot of new management plan editor

A screen shot of new management plan editor in myForest

Management Plan

Although this is mainly the same as the previous template, Scottish Forestry have added the ability to generate felling permissions through the management plan approval process for thinning. Other forms of felling will still need to go through the Felling Permissions applications process.

Felling Permissions

To comply with the new Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018, Scottish Forestry have updated the Felling Permission (previously known as Felling Licence) application form. Again, the information you are required to provide is almost the same as before, but with the addition of a few additional fields.

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Felling Licence Online

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myForest users can benefit from a new online system for generating felling licences.

Felling Licence Online

Felling Licence Online

We have been working closely with FC England over the last year to make sure that myForest users can benefit from a new online system without have to re-enter information that they have already entered into myForest. From today, myForest now has the additional functionality necessary to generate the file types needed to upload directly into Felling Licence Online.

In England, woodland owners and managers can apply for felling licences in two different ways:

Plan of Operations

When developing a management plan, owners and managers can fill out a Plan of Operations. This document provides Forestry Commission England with all of the information they need to generate your felling licences for the next 10 years.

Felling Licence Online

It is also possible to apply for felling licences that cover discrete parts of your woodland. Until recently this process was handled through a paper application, but earlier this year Forestry Commission England released a new online system to process applications called Felling Licence Online.

We have some new video guidance to help users through this process:

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myForest updated

posted on May 24, 2018

We have launched a new version of myForest, used currently by 4,229 people to map and manage 68,744ha of woodland across the UK. This update is the first stage towards the launch of myForest Prime, which will include enhanced functionality and access to Ordnance Survey Mapping.

The Woodland Manager suite of tools in myForest provides easy to use tools for woodland mapping and management. Regular users will notice several differences and improvements:

The map editor has received a significant upgrade. This includes the ability to produce maps at regular scales (in fact, at any scale) as well as an improved interface, labelling functions and output. Watch our new introductory video tutorial below.

The user account homepage has been streamlined so you can update all your account settings in one place. This includes accessing Deer Management functions and communication preferences.

Finally, updates to our Privacy Notice and Website Terms to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect and why we collect it.

Read more about myForest [if you are already logged in this link will take you to a page with more videos].

myForest updated May 2018

myForest updated May 2018

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myForest supports landscape-scale deer management

posted on October 6, 2017

Thanks to new online technology, landowners and managers now have the ability to create deer management plans and collect and share data more easily to manage and monitor deer population impacts across the landscape, helping to improve the environmental condition of woodlands.

Sylva Foundation has been working with the Deer Initiative to allow landowners and managers to create Deer Management Plans and collate annual monitoring data using the myForest Service.  The project has been jointly funded by Forestry Commission England and Natural England.

All six species of deer in Britain have increased in density and range over the last 40 years. As deer populations have increased, their impact on ground flora and the structure of woods is greater than ever before. In particular, fallow and muntjac deer have had a significant impact on lowland woodlands. Deer may benefit woodland biodiversity at low population densities, but at high densities, their browsing alters three important elements in a woodland: regeneration potential, woodland structure, and ground flora diversity and abundance. Impacts on these elements have ramifications for wildlife which depend on them for habitat and food. Species affected include populations of butterflies and other invertebrates, smaller mammals, birds, and their predators.

Deer management priority areas in England

Deer management priority areas in England

Collaborative management of deer populations at a landscape-scale is seen as critically important in helping to address issues arising from high deer populations in woodlands. Under this joint initiative, five priority areas (see map) have been identified in England where deer are having a damaging impact on important sites, such as woodlands designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest. In these priority areas landowners can receive additional support from the Deer Initiative to organise collaborative action across landscapes.

Operations and Research Director for the Deer Initiative, Alastair Ward, said:

“The launch of these new online tools are an important step forward in managing deer collaboratively. The ability for users to share data (should they wish to) will also allow data to flow quickly and easily providing contemporary information on the impact of deer populations on the landscape.”

Director for Forestry and Rural Enterprise at Sylva Foundation, Paul Orsi, said:

“We are delighted to see the functionality we’ve developed in myForest being used to help with deer management. High deer populations are having a huge impact on the regeneration potential of our woodlands which affects them both environmentally and economically.  We hope the system will lead to more owners and managers creating deer management plans, and managing their deer populations”.

myForest is a web-based management tool for woodland owners and managers. Launched eight years ago it is now used by over 3,500 owners and managers covering an area of almost 56,000ha. It has a directory of almost 800 woodland and wood-based businesses. From 6th October myForest users will be able to use the system to create a Deer Management Plan, using the Deer Initiative’s template. Creating a Deer Management Plan is an important step towards managing deer populations. In addition, myForest will allow annual monitoring data to be stored, including cull numbers and deer impact data, from which users can automatically generate reports. To aid landscape-scale management, users can choose to share their information with local Deer Initiative Officers which will help them monitor deer impacts across landscapes allowing assistance to be prioritised. Although this deer management functionality has been specifically developed for use in the five priority areas it is hoped that it will be useful to users across England, and indeed in Scotland and Wales.

myForest deer management screenshot

A screenshot of the myForest deer management tools

Deer Manager in the Google play store

Deer Manager in the Google play store

As part of the work to add deer management functionality, myForest will gain its first mobile app. The myForest Deer Manager will allow stalkers to record cull data on the app which can then be submitted and registered on an owner or manager’s myForest account. Owners and managers will be able to keep up-to-date with cull information and remove the need for stalkers to submit paper records. The app is available now on Android and will soon be available on iOS.

Read more about the deer management functions and sign up for a myForest account online at

Download Deer Manager App from the Apple Store

Download Deer Manager app from the Apple Store – coming soon

Download the Deer Manager app from the Google Play Store

Download the Deer Manager app from the Google Play Store

Notes for editors

For media enquiries and to arrange an interview, please contact:
Paul Orsi, Director for Forestry & Rural Enterprise, Tel. 01865 408018, email

Laura Southward, DI Media & Communications Officer, Tel. 01691 770888, email

About the Partners

Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity which works across Britain to help forests thrive, for people and for nature. It works in four work programmes: science, education, forestry and wood.

The Deer Initiative is a broad partnership of statutory, voluntary and private interests dedicated to ensuring the delivery of a sustainable, well-managed wild deer population in England and Wales.

Forestry Commission England is the government department responsible for protecting, expanding and promoting the sustainable management of woodlands and increasing their value to society and the environment.

Natural England is the government’s adviser for the natural environment in England, helping to protect England’s nature and landscapes for people to enjoy and for the services they provide.

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Major new version of myForest launched

posted on April 24, 2015

A major new version of myForest has been launched by the Sylva Foundation. Version 3.0 of myForest is more streamlined, easier to use and packed with new features.

Existing myForest users can log in as normal and find all their usual account information, saved maps and management plans. New users will find the site intuitive with ‘context-sensitive’ help throughout.

About myForest

myForest serviceThe myForest service was developed by the Sylva Foundation as an online platform to support sustainable forest management by woodland owners and managers (including agents) – because the majority (72%) of woodlands in Britain are in private hands and about half of these are thought to be under- or un-managed.

The service is used currently by 2,500 people to map and manage more than 35,000ha of woodlands across Britain. It is provided as a free service, although donations from users are always gratefully received.

The Sylva team have worked closely with Forestry Commission England to ensure compliance for myForest users with the regulatory framework, and are discussing the same with Forestry Commission Scotland. Also in place is a formal partnership with the Royal Forestry Society and Small Woods Association to promote the myForest service to members.

Why the new version?

Since myForest was launched in 2009, technology has moved forward rapidly so the very latest in online software developments are reflected in the new version. In addition Sylva has taken account of feedback from its many users.

Screen shot of the new Woodland Manager mapping component of myForest v3.0

Screen shot of the new Woodland Manager mapping component of myForest v3.0


 What’s new?

  • Responsive design, which means it fits the size of the screen you are using, making it better for using with tablets and laptops.
  • Easy access to the three myForest tools: Woodland Manager, Business Directory, and Woodland Star Rating.
  • Woodland management tool now called Woodland Manager. In here you will find a full screen map and easier access to your woodland information.
  • Quick access to your management plans in your account home screen.
  • Improvements in creating printable maps.
  • Simpler access to the Woodland Star Rating allowing you to measure the management of your woodlands against the UK Forestry Standard.
  • Improved guidance using ‘context-sensitive’ help, including video tutorials.
  • The Wood Market element of the site has been removed while discussions continue with others in the forestry industry to see how they can best use the technology.


Screen shot of the woodland management plan editor within myForest v3.0

Screen shot of the woodland management plan editor within myForest v3.0


Visit the myForest website:

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Chalara dieback of ash (Chalara fraxinea)

posted on October 28, 2012

Chalara dieback of ash is a serious disease of ash trees caused by a fungus called Chalara fraxinea (C. fraxinea).  The disease causes leaf loss and crown dieback in affected trees, and it can lead to tree death.

There has been significant media coverage about the arrival of this fungal pathogen in the UK over the last week and with good reason. It is potentially very destructive to our native Ash, as can be seen by looking at our European neighbours e.g. Denmark and Germany.

For further information please follow the link to the Forestry Commission website below. We will aim to update this blog post with relevant information for woodland owners and forest managers as it becomes available.

Forestry Commission – Chalara dieback of ash


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Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant – Upcoming training days

posted on October 23, 2012

The Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant

The Woodfuel WIG is a great opportunity for owners, managers and agents to start to manage woodlands and access the growing woodfuel market. You can take advantage of this time-limited opportunity to fund projects worth anything up to £250,000. The grant can cover 60% of your costs. But there is a deadline for applications. You will need to have an approved application in place by the end of December 2013.  Attend one of the FREE training days which will leave you equipped to successfully make a Woodfuel WIG application, details of the events and links to the booking site are below:

  •  15/11/12 Tamar Science Park, 1 Davy Road, Derriford, Plymouth  PL6 8BX
  •  27/11/12 The Clare Foundation, The Saunderton Estate, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Bucks HP14 4BF

If you can’t make one of the above events, then a quick search on the Woodfuel WIG Hub page will provide you with the relevant information.

On the website yo

u will find a useful checklist for making an application, and you can read about how the Clinton Estate improved the road access on their estate through succesfully applying for the Woodfuel WIG.

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New myForest marketing improvements

posted on March 30, 2011
myForest search

Sylva’s myForest service aims to make the supply and sourcing of woodland products as easy as possible for woodland owners, managers and forestry businesses alike.

With this in mind, Sylva has now improved the marketing tools within the myForest service to help enable the local sourcing of woodland products, such as timber, cordwood and coppice products.

The use of locally-procured forestry products has many benefits, such as:

– supporting the rural economy in a local area;

– reducing costs and carbon emissions associated with transport;

– ensuring the sustainable management of woods in a local area.

The new features include a wood wanted map for forestry businesses where they can detail the species and specifications of wood products that they require.

There is also a new product search facility to help measure the ‘wood miles’ to the nearest wood supplier.

We have detailed some guidance under the help section on how to use the new marketing tools, and as always please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the myForest forum.

We hope you find the new improvements useful.

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New myForest woodland owner interface

posted on November 3, 2010

A new and upgraded myForest woodland user account home page has been launched today.  Users can start using the new page as soon as they log in to their accounts.

The new page has been designed to be more intuitive to use and to give a better overview of mapped woodlands by offering an interactive map for each user.

This is part of the continuing development of myForest which has new features added on a regular basis.

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myForest forum is live

posted on April 6, 2010

Today we launched a forum for the myForest service at

As the myForest website becomes more popular we hope that the forum will be a useful feature for everyone with an interest in the UK woodchain, from woodland owners to wood users, and everyone in between.

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