Help needed in our crowdfunding campaign for Forest Schools

posted on July 11, 2014

Following the launch of our crowdfunding campaign for Forest Schools, in partnership with the Forest School Association (read more), we are asking for help from others who share our passion for environmental education.

Donations are needed to help us reach our fundraising target but there are other ways that you may be able to help.

Donate a ‘perk’

Crowdfunding works by thanking people who donate with a ‘perk’. Can you offer up a perk that would encourage others to donate? If so, we would love to hear from you.

If you run a tree nursery perhaps you could offer a pack of 100 trees, your outdoor clothing company could donate items, or bushcrafters could offer a bushcraft training day. Perhaps you have something else of value that you could donate (it doesn’t have to be related to outdoor education) and which donors may wish to receive as a perk in return for their donation. The two charities running the campaign would be pleased to acknowledge your support publicly.


  1. You donate to the campaign partners a product or service with a guide price equal to its usual value – e.g. £500.
  2. We list the product or service as a ‘perk’ in return for a donation of at least £500, or sometimes more if a unique opportunity. These can be one-off or limited to any number. The donation of the perk is acknowledged publicly (if desired) and promoted.
  3. Donors who give £500 and select the perk you offer, will receive it at an agreed time.
  4. Our campaign receives the £500 from the donor.

To discuss options and ideas please contact our Chief Executive Gabriel Hemery or tel: 01865 408018

Spread the word

Another way that we appreciate with your help, is to spread the word about the campaign. Here are some ideas:

Support the Love Trees Love Wood campaign

Support the Love Trees Love Wood campaign – add this banner to your communications


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