Introduction to woodcarving course

posted on December 7, 2017

Introduction to Woodcarving course

Saturday 17th March 2018: 9am to 5pm


A one-day workshop for woodcarving newcomers and those with some experience who would like to develop their skills.


Vine carving in progress Simon Clements

Vine carving in progress, Simon Clements

The ‘Fruit of the Vine’ has long been a favourite motif for carvers both in stone and in wood. Using stencils students will learn how to mark out and carve a simplified design of vine leaves and grapes in lime wood.

Students will learn:

  • How to transfer a drawn design to a block of wood
  • How to mount their work for carving
  • How to clamp and hold the work piece securely
  • How to use the appropriate chisel or gouge for each stage of the carving
  • How to use a carver’s mallet
  • Students will learn to overcut the surface and background, and how to undercut the finished design.

Cost: £100 per person (all materials and tools provided). Please bring your own packed lunch.

Venue: Sylva Wood Centre, Oxfordshire, OX14 4QT

Tutor: Simon Clements, Wood carver


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About the tutor

Sculptor Simon Clements standing next to the Charter Pole at the Sylva Wood Centre

Simon Clements

Simon Clements is came to woodcarving after a career which included teaching art, sculpture and pottery, working as a mast spar and oar maker for an Oxfordshire company and restoring heritage carving.

He now works from his workshop at the Sylva Wood Centre, carving sculptural pieces for architects, interior designers, private clients, and for exhibitions. Sculptural work ranges from table-top sculpture to kinetic garden pieces. He is currently half-way through 11 very large commemorative carved poles for the Woodland Trust as part of the Tree Charter.

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