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Latest news in creating The New Sylva

posted on October 2, 2013
The New Sylva

The New Sylva, Bloomsbury Publishing

The New Sylva book, due for release in April 2014, is nearing completion. According to authors Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet, writing in their blog this week, copy-editing is now complete and they are working hard to meeting the printing deadline of the end of November.

Their latest post was written by a guest contributor; copy-editor Rachael Oakden:

“Back in March 2013, I have to confess, I had a preconception of The New Sylva as being a beautifully illustrated book about British trees. It was only when I read the opening chapters that I understood the book’s more complex and ambitious purpose: to be a celebration of the art and science of forestry, with an urgent environmental message.”

She also revealed how working on the book has opened up her heart and mind to the concept of our wood culture:

“On one recent outing, my young son asked me why I was hugging an oak tree. Well, obviously, I was attempting to estimate its dbh (diameter at breast height) and wondering who planted it, when they planted it, and for what purpose.”

Read more from Rachael Oakden on The New Sylva blog

The New Sylva is sponsored by the Sylva Foundation. We have donated a future copy of the book to our friends at Small Woods as a prize for anyone entering their online survey: read more.


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