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posted on March 30, 2011
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Sylva’s myForest service aims to make the supply and sourcing of woodland products as easy as possible for woodland owners, managers and forestry businesses alike.

With this in mind, Sylva has now improved the marketing tools within the myForest service to help enable the local sourcing of woodland products, such as timber, cordwood and coppice products.

The use of locally-procured forestry products has many benefits, such as:

– supporting the rural economy in a local area;

– reducing costs and carbon emissions associated with transport;

– ensuring the sustainable management of woods in a local area.

The new features include a wood wanted map for forestry businesses where they can detail the species and specifications of wood products that they require.

There is also a new product search facility to help measure the ‘wood miles’ to the nearest wood supplier.

We have detailed some guidance under the help section on how to use the new marketing tools, and as always please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on the myForest forum.

We hope you find the new improvements useful.

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