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New website suite for Sylva

posted on November 9, 2009
Forestry Horizons

Forestry Horizons

OneOak project

OneOak project

myForest service

myForest service

After feedback from our friends and partners we have undertaken a complete overhaul of our suite of websites.

They told us that our range of websites for the discrete elements of our work were good because they were aimed directly at different audiences. However, as we now have four websites (our main Sylva website plus three project websites) it became increasingly important to explain our work clearly as the relationship between the projects and Sylva was not always clear.

So we have worked hard to come up with a strong house style that allows the individuality of our projects to shine, yet links all the sites together. We hope that people new to the work of the Sylva Foundation, particularly those coming to us for the first time via one of our projects, will understand more easily the breadth and depth of our work.

This, our main site, has also been completely redesigned.  We hope that you like what you see.  We would be pleased to receive any comments or suggestions.

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