The New Sylva first editorial meeting

posted on May 1, 2012

Although it is two years until The New Sylva will be published by Bloomsbury, supported by the Sylva Foundation, planning is now well underway. Authors Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet (Sylva’s Artist in Residence)  met recently with Bloomsbury editors, Richard Atkinson and Natalie Hunt. Book length has now been decided (over 400 pages), the timetable agreed, and discussions on paper weight and type, fonts and other important issues are underway.

Read more about this important meeting on the authors’ The New Sylva blog and keep up to date with their progress on Twitter @newsylva.


Authors & Editors March 2012

Authors (Gabriel Hemery & Sarah Simblet) with Editors from Bloomsbury (Natalie Hunt & Richard Atkinson) next to a 900 year old oak tree

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