Sylva Foundation launches Roots Fund

posted on August 22, 2017

All of us who work with and care about trees and woodlands need to work together — intelligently and sustainably — to support these vital resources. That’s why we’ve launched the Sylva Foundation Roots Fund.

Sylva Foundation Roots Fund

Sylva Foundation Roots Fund

Largely invisible, underground and spreading way beyond the canopy of the tree itself, they work out of the limelight. Sylva Foundation does the same. We collect vital evidence about what’s actually happening in our woods and share it collaboratively with around 50 other forestry and environmental organisations to support their work. We develop and provide unique, online tools that thousands of woodland managers and outdoor educators use to do their work more effectively, and we provide bespoke facilities for designer-makers to build new wood-based, rural businesses.

We urgently need people like you, who share our belief in the potential of British woodlands and support our often unusual and creative approach, to invest in our unique work and make that potential a reality.

The Sylva Foundation Roots Fund will provide a vital foundation of regular support to underpin our unique work:

  • £10/month could help us manage our inspiring Education work. Together we can train over 2,000 teachers and educators to work with 6,000 young people per year – learning to appreciate and care for woodland
  • £25/month could make sure our regular British Woodland Survey continues to explore what’s really happening in our woodlands and what woodland managers need to care for them better
  • £50/month would help fund the experts who create and maintain our unique myForest service. Together, through myforest, we can help bring 110,000ha (or 5%) of woodland in the UK into active management by 2021 (that’s equivalent to 110,000 international rugby pitches!)
  • £100/month would fund essential project management as we develop the Sylva Wood Centre – more people designing, innovating and making in home-grown wood.

Any donation, whatever the size, is extremely valuable. Your contribution will support work that, like the roots of trees, is far-reaching and resourceful, quietly underpinning sustainable forestry in Britain.

Please consider making a regular commitment to the Sylva Foundation Roots Fund today.


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