T20Q global survey is live

posted on May 5, 2014
Top 20 Questions - take the survey

Top 20 Questions – take the survey

Launching to coincide with Forests Asia the global online survey is now live. Add your voice to the conversation about what is important in forestry and landscapes:

participate in the T20Q survey

participate in the T20Q survey

T20Q – top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes –  is a global project that allows everyone to have a say about issues of importance. The questions received from contributors will be used to suggest new research or policy agendas, reveal knowledge gaps, and open up areas for further discussions across disciplines. They will also help identify new topics for systematic reviews of the science in key areas of forestry and landscape management.

The survey builds on earlier work that identified forestry priorities through a participatory process and invited large numbers of people with an interest in forestry and integrated landscapes to suggest questions they felt had high priority for research and policy.  As with earlier work, the T20Q process makes no prior assumptions about which topics are important. Questions will be collated according to their content and priorities will start to emerge as the conversation grows. The survey is primarily a vehicle for submitting questions online, but it will collect basic identifiers, such as age, gender, and stakeholder group, so that the topics suggested can be reported according to different regions, interest groups etc.

T20Q is a project within the broader Evidence-Based Forestry (EBF) initiative, led by CIFOR and its Partners. EBF is a “collaboration without walls” that aims to improve the quality and relevance of science and policy in forestry and landscape management. The Evidence-Based Forestry initiative is funded primarily by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through their KNOW-FOR grant to CIFOR.  Read more


The homepage for the new T20Q project is www.forestryevidence.com/t20q  You can also follow news about the T20Q project on Twitter @Forestry_Q

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