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posted on November 14, 2014
Top 20 Questions

Top 20 Questions – please take part

T20Q is a global project that allows you to have your say about issues of importance in forestry and landscapes. From May through November 2014 we collected questions – concerning research and policy in forestry and landscapes – from respondents in 104 countries around the world. We are now re-engaging those who completed this first phase AND we want those who haven’t contributed to get involved.

Sharing sets of filtered questions and then prioritising them

Questions submitted through in Phase 1 have been sorted and organised into topics that reflect the most frequently-occurring themes. These are presented in sets of questions for further consolidating online through a ranking process. We are now seeking your contribution in assessing these questions and rating them. 

We initially collected questions in very broad categories but the new themes presented in Phase 2 reflect the most frequently-occurring topics that emerged from the questions submitted in Phase 1. There are 7 cross-cutting themes in Phase 2:

  • People & society
  • Conservation & biodiversity
  • Landuse & landscape issues
  • Ecosystem services
  • Economics & trade
  • Climate change
  • Management of forests

We will count up all the scores and produce a final set of Top Twenty Questions in December.

Take part in Phase 2 of the T20Q survey

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  1. How in improving forest management (IFM) ,which is one category of AFOLU projects under VCS for carbon offsetting, can be implemented as a RIL (Reduced Impact Logging) practice especially in steep slope harvesting?
    Shifting from conventional logging (e.g., skidding and/or shovel logging) to an advanced system like non-guylines yarding which can decrese up to 0,02 km per year of forest roads with a good planning. In Chile, this means at least a road saving of 160 km or 64 hectares per year by considering 4 millions cubic meters of pine wood harvested. A non-guylines yarder combined with a forwarder could be the best sustainable logging practice for steep slope harvesting

    Comment by Simon Largo — November 21, 2014 @ 2:41 pm

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