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OneOak artist Rebecca Hind

posted on October 16, 2009

We are delighted that a very talented artist will be working on the OneOak project.

Rebecca Hind captures the OneOak in autumn colours with watercolours, October 2009

Rebecca Hind captures the OneOak in autumn colours with watercolours, October 2009

Rebecca Hind is an Oxfordshire-based artist who works predominently with paint. She has exhibited widely both in Britian and abroad.

Oak trees have long held a significant place in our culture, one that goes way beyond ornament or function. Once deemed sacred and always valued for their strength and durability they were also thought to attract lightning. On first encountering the OneOak I was struck by its grandeur, standing there bathed in the light that has led it from seed to maturity. As a landscape painter I follow light and relish the chance to engage with the elements as they reveal different aspects of the natural world. Shifting seasons, hours and weather offer a wealth of fascination for me, and so the chance to take part in the One Oak project is a privilege and a delight. My intention is to celebrate thetree as it holds its current form and place in the world, sheds its final foliage, then becomes transformed by human hand. I hope that the paintings I make will be as seeds continuing this tree’s life.” Rebecca Hind, October 2009.

Visit Rebecca Hind’s website.

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