Updates to Management Plans and Felling Permissions in Scotland

posted on July 18, 2019

From today both the Management Plan template and Felling Permissions application have been updated in myForest. If you have previously created a management plan or generated a felling licence application, the information and data entered will now be in these new templates.

Scottish Forestry logo

Scottish Forestry logo

On 1 April 2019, the Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018 came into effect, completing the devolution of forestry to Scotland.

This has led to the creation of two new Scottish Government forestry agencies. One of them, Forestry and Land Scotland, is now responsible for managing the National Forest Estate. The other, Scottish Forestry, replaces Forestry Commission Scotland, and is responsible for forestry policy, regulation, support and the awarding and payment of forestry grants.

As part of these changes Scottish Forestry have updated their Woodland Management Plan template and Felling Permissions application form.

screen shot of new management plan editor

A screen shot of new management plan editor in myForest

Management Plan

Although this is mainly the same as the previous template, Scottish Forestry have added the ability to generate felling permissions through the management plan approval process for thinning. Other forms of felling will still need to go through the Felling Permissions applications process.

Felling Permissions

To comply with the new Forestry and Land Management (Scotland) Act 2018, Scottish Forestry have updated the Felling Permission (previously known as Felling Licence) application form. Again, the information you are required to provide is almost the same as before, but with the addition of a few additional fields.

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Felling Licence Online

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myForest users can benefit from a new online system for generating felling licences.

Felling Licence Online

Felling Licence Online

We have been working closely with FC England over the last year to make sure that myForest users can benefit from a new online system without have to re-enter information that they have already entered into myForest. From today, myForest now has the additional functionality necessary to generate the file types needed to upload directly into Felling Licence Online.

In England, woodland owners and managers can apply for felling licences in two different ways:

Plan of Operations

When developing a management plan, owners and managers can fill out a Plan of Operations. This document provides Forestry Commission England with all of the information they need to generate your felling licences for the next 10 years.

Felling Licence Online

It is also possible to apply for felling licences that cover discrete parts of your woodland. Until recently this process was handled through a paper application, but earlier this year Forestry Commission England released a new online system to process applications called Felling Licence Online.

We have some new video guidance to help users through this process:

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Work starts on the Sylva Wood Centre

posted on September 1, 2014

Building work has begun on the first phase of our development of the Sylva Wood Centre. A semi-derelict agricultural building is to be converted into an enterprise hub for wood-using businesses.

view from the east

view from the east

The 12,000 square foot building will be redesigned to support up to 10 separate wood-using businesses, and a teaching classroom. Over the next four months the former potato store will be stripped of its asbestos roof and gutted, and its existing steel structure strengthened in readiness for new insulated roof and wall panels.

We have attracted our first tenants (more news to follow) and are in discussions with several others. The building will be open for business in January 2015.

view from the west

view from the west

If you run a wood business based in south Oxfordshire and are potentially interested in securing a unit in the Wood Centre we would be pleased to hear from you. Also from individuals interested in delivering training in wood craft, either professionally or on a volunteer basis.

Our wider vision for the Sylva Wood Centre is to develop the whole site – which includes several more buildings and the surrounding landscape – as a centre for innovation in home-grown wood. The conversion of this building is the first phase towards achieving this vision. Read more about our Wood programme



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