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Trees are for life not just for Christmas!

posted on November 9, 2016
Future Forest Friends leaf-keys

Future Forest Friends leaf-keys

Why not give a completely unique gift this Christmas – a woodland plot in the name of  your family or friends.

An exclusive winter planting day, a green space for summer walks, woodland picnics for years to come and involvement in an environmental project that helps explore what a sustainable woodland could look like in future – that’s a really special gift to put under the Christmas tree this year.  Plots in the unique, new ‘Future Forest’ being planted by environmental charity Sylva Foundation make the perfect Christmas gift for eco-conscious friends or family who love trees or wood, enjoy getting outdoors or simply have enough ‘stuff’ already.

Give this gift to one person or a family and the new Future Forest Friends will be able to get their hands on a spade, boots on the ground and, with the help of expert Foresters, chose and plant twenty-five trees at special planting days in January or February 2017.  Aside from creating their own stake in the future, Forest Friends will be able to follow the development of a unique ‘demonstration’ woodland that’s helping discover which tree species can withstand climate change. Each Future Forest Friend will receive a certificate, annual updates as the forest grows and their own hand-carved ‘leaf-key’ to their plot, designed and made by wood-carver Simon Clements.

The Sylva Future Forest of 7,500 trees will be planted on former farmland at the Sylva Wood Centre in Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire in winter 2016/17.  There are about 300 plots of 25 trees each which are available for individuals or businesses to sponsor. Gift sponsorship can be done monthly at £5/month for three years or a one-off payment of £180.

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