New Forestry Commission England Management Plan template available on myForest

posted on August 15, 2018

The updated Forestry Commission England Management Planning template is now available on myForest.  The update includes changes to the UK Forestry Standard criteria for approving a plan as well as additions to the Woodland Protection section.

FCE management plan template 2018

FCE management plan template 2018

Updates have also been made to the Plan of Operations including the requirement to specify the type of restocking following a felling operation.

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Small Management Plan now available on myForest

posted on May 9, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Small Management Planning template from Forestry Commission England has been added to myForest.  Users of myForest can now choose whether to create a management plan using the full template or the small template.

The small template is suited to small or homogeneous woodlands, and is targeted at woodlands under 10 hectares in size. This template is a condensed version of the full template and has been designed to be appropriate for the scale and complexity of smaller woodlands.   It can be used to provide a ten year felling licence for your woodland and evidence of Category B compliance for timber supply.

The template however is not eligible for a Woodland Planning Grant, which provides woodland owners with a minimum payment of £1000 (for woodlands over 3ha) to create a management plan using the main management planning template

Log onto your myForest account to have a look at how the small plan differs from the full plan and whether it is suitable for your woodland.

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