T20Q project launched in Indonesian

posted on April 23, 2014

Launched today in Indonesian, T20Q or top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes, is a global project that allows everyone to have a say about issues of importance.

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T20Q in Indonesian

selamat datang diT20Q

T20Q – dua puluh pertanyaan terpenting untuk kehutanan dan lanskap adalah proyek di dalam inisiatif yang lebih luas yaitu Kehutanan Berbasis Bukti (EBF), dipimpin oleh CIFOR dan para mitranya. T20Q adalah proyek global yang memungkinkan Anda untuk berbicara mengenai isu-isu penting. Banyak orang percaya bahwa terlalu sedikit yang terlibat dalam menetapkan agenda-agenda penelitian dan kebijakan. T20Q merupakan kendaraan untuk suara Anda. Dari bulan Mei sampai Oktober 2014 kami akan mengumpulkan ide-ide Anda dengan berbagai macam cara, termasuk lokakarya, survei daring (online = dalam jaringan) dan media social. Baca lebih jauh

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Multilingual T20Q launched

posted on April 14, 2014

Launched today in Spanish and French, T20Q or top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes, is a global project that allows everyone to have a say about issues of importance.

bienvenue à T20Q

bienvenue à T20Q

T20Q – les vingt questions les plus importantes pour la foresterie et les paysages est un projet sous l’égide de l’initiative globale Foresterie Fondée sur des Preuves (‘Evidence-Based Forestry’ ou EBF) menée par le CIFOR et ses partenaires. T20Q est un projet mondial qui vous permet de donner votre avis sur des questions importantes. Nombreux sont ceux qui pensent que la définition des programmes de recherche et des orientations politiques n’implique pas assez de personnes. T20Q vous offre un canal d’expression. Entre mai et octobre 2014, nous allons recueillir vos idées de diverses manières, notamment par des ateliers, des enquêtes en ligne et les médias sociaux. En savoir plus

bienvenido a T20Q

bienvenido a T20Q

T20Q veinte preguntas clave para la silvicultura y los paisajes es un proyecto que forma parte de la iniciativa Silvicultura Basada en la Evidencia (Evidence-Based Forestry, EBF), que dirigen el CIFOR y sus socios.  T20Q es un proyecto mundial que le permite dar su opinión sobre temas de importancia. Muchos consideran que son muy pocas las personas que están involucradas en el establecimiento de agendas de investigación y políticas. T20Q constituye una forma de expresar su opinión.Desde mayo hasta octubre de 2014 recopilaremos sus ideas de varias maneras, como talleres, encuestas en línea y redes sociales. Lea más

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Global project T20Q launches

posted on March 20, 2014


T20Q - top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes

T20Q – top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes

Launching to coincide with World Forestry Day is T20Q – top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes –  a global project that allows everyone to have a say about issues of importance. 

There is growing interest in widening public participation in environmental decision-making and an awareness of the importance of asking research questions which reflect real policy needs. Collecting scientific data is no longer performed only by professional scientists but embraces all sorts of people involved in citizen science projects. But what about the questions that inform those research projects or the issues that emerge as policy priorities? How easy is it to engage with those processes?

The Top Twenty Questions for Forestry and Landscapes (T20Q) is just such an exercise. It builds on earlier work that identified key forestry priorities through a participatory process and invited large numbers of people with an interest in forestry and integrated landscapes to suggest questions they felt had high priority for research and policy.  We expect to receive thousands of questions from around the world, thanks to our partnership with several global partners (see below). Through a process of repeated discussion – both online and in workshops – these questions will be grouped into themes that emerge as the most commonly cited issues. The project is called ‘top twenty’, but this reflects only one of the outputs (namely a list of the top twenty questions) that will come out of discussions of the thousands of questions suggested.

T20Q is a project within the broader Evidence-Based Forestry (EBF) initiative, led by CIFOR and its Partners. EBF is a “collaboration without walls” that aims to improve the quality and relevance of science and policy in forestry and landscape management. Systematic reviews of evidence are the cornerstone of this initiative and a number of these have been underway for the last 12 months. Topics for these reviews were chosen by a panel of experts, but they want to hear what other people active in the field think are important topics. The Evidence-Based Forestry initiative is funded primarily by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) through their KNOW-FOR grant to CIFOR.  Read more

The questions received in T20Q will be used to determine what systematic reviews of evidence are needed within EBF, but will also be used for many other purposes – to suggest new research or policy agendas, reveal knowledge gaps, and open up areas for further discussions across disciplines.

The project will use an iterative internet survey approach, coupled with workshops, to determine what the priorities are for forestry and landscapes research and policy. It will also foster conversations between individuals and organisations with an interest in setting priorities for research, policy and ultimately practice.

The homepage for the new T20Q project is You can also follow the project on Twitter @Forestry_Q

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