Ted Dorey gift to Sylva Wood Centre

posted on September 29, 2014

The Sylva Foundation has been granted a legacy by Edward (Ted) Dorey, a lifelong professional woodworker, who has also gifted an immediate donation of a substantial quantity of wood together with many lathes and other woodworking machines to the Sylva Wood Centre. Ted intends to play a central role in the Sylva Wood Centre, and will be on hand to pass on his skills to the next generation. A Teaching Workshop will be created at the centre and named after Ted.

Ted Dorey  - portrait by Gabriel Hemery

Ted Dorey – portrait by Gabriel Hemery

“I’m looking forward to working with the Sylva Foundation. There are lots of youngsters out there who want to work with their hands but there aren’t many opportunities for them now. It’s very important to keep those skills alive because we’ll never get them back if they die out.”

Ted Dorey

Ted’s life story so far, including his collaboration with the Sylva Foundation, was featured in the Henley Standard in August 2014.

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