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Willowcroft school create a winter forest

posted on December 9, 2009

A forest of colourful trees

The children in ‘Foxes’ class at Willowcroft Community School, Didcot have been painting and sculpting winter trees. Although the children have not yet seen the OneOak in the winter, they were inspired by the Oak Trees at their Forest School site. One tree in particular stood out as it was silhouetted in the afternoon sun against a wintery sky.

Back in school the children experimented with drawing inks and straws to depict the tree. For the background they used well diluted drawing ink to make the blue and pink of the sky.

Later in the week the children twisted aluminium modelling wire to create three dimensional trees. They then dipped the looped wire in ‘fantasy film’ which quickly hardened to create a beautiful stained glass effect. Even the least confident artists made beautiful trees and were really pleased with their work. They enjoyed themselves so much that they have now gone into ‘production mode’ and are making more trees to sell at our Children’s Christmas Fayre next week. We just hope everyone else likes them as much as we do!

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