Christine Howard, Sylva Foundation

Christine joined the Sylva team in 2023 as part-time Operations Administrator. She is a Chartered
Landscape Architect and green infrastructure specialist, with a background in consultancy and public
sector working.

Andrew is a Bangor University Forestry graduate from a farming background with a career spanning over 25 years of public and private sector forestry throughout the UK, ranging from the uplands to the lowlands and everything in between. His experience of grants, regulations and forestry management mean he is well placed to help myForest users make the most of its capabilities, as well as helping with the development of the many other projects in the Sylva pipeline.

With a background in agriculture and the wooden boat industry, Lucie joined the Sylva team in 2023 as part-time Finance Manager.

Alistair is a Chartered Forester and Chartered Horticulturist. He works with universities, NGOs, government and business to develop systems that advance our understanding and management of ecosystems.

Shems first joined Sylva Foundation in April 2021 as a volunteer and since March 2022 has worked as a part-time Communications Advisor.

Gwyneth joined the Sylva team in 2022, with a background in research support software development and engineering.

Phil joined Sylva Foundation in 2022 to support teaching at the Sylva Wood School. He previously taught at Rycotewood for a number of years, teaching various furniture-making courses.

Ollie joined the Sylva Foundation in 2021, after graduating from Sussex University with a BSc in Computer Sciences with Games and Multimedia Environments.

Joe leads the Sylva Foundation’s Wood School and describes himself as a designer, maker and teacher. He is passionate about inspiring and supporting people to become skilled craftspeople and furniture makers. He has been directly involved in the furniture industry for the past 25 years.

Paul is a Chartered Forester and a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.He joined Sylva Foundation in 2013 from Blenheim Palace, where he managed the rural estate of 5,500ha, which included 700ha of woodland.