charitable object: supporting the development and application of sustainable forest management for the public benefit

Most forests in Britain are in private ownership and many of them are in a poor ecological and silvicultural condition. This means that the benefits they provide to society can be vastly improved. We support forest owners across the country in managing their forests sustainably and thereby improving the ability of these areas to alleviate floods, store carbon, provide habitats for nature, protect historic features, contribute to beautiful landscapes, support local economies, and supply sustainable wood products.

Sylva’s innovative myForest service provides online resources and planning tools to help bring a growing number of forests owners and managers (currently more than 3,000 covering over 50,000ha) into good condition.

Sylva are also part of the Forestry Advisory Consortium (FACE).  FACE is a consortium of organisations and businesses across England that have come together to provide specialist support to forest and timber supply chain businesses.

our forestry activities