supporting people who manage woodlands to do so sustainably - benefitting the environment, the economy and society

Healthy woodland has so many benefits; it cleans our air, supports wildlife, creates fertile soil, enhances valued landscapes and helps relieve flooding. It provides space for learning, employment and relaxation. And woods produce wood; for building, fuel, furniture and more. Woodland is better at providing these things than any other habitat and it is vitally important to us all. However, Britain's trees and woodland face unprecedented threats from climate change, neglect and an increasing number of pests and diseases. Sustainable woodland management is vital to ensure the future of this vital natural resource

Nationally, most UK woodlands (72% in area) are privately owned and around half of these are undermanaged and in poor condition- around 1 million hectares. Our research shows that though nine out of ten private woodland owners have noticed the effects of environmental change in the last 10 years only a minority are actively planning to do anything to safeguard their woodlands. We support woodland owners across the country to manage their woodlands sustainably - improving the ability of these woodlands to alleviate floods, store carbon, provide habitats for nature, protect historic features, contribute to beautiful landscapes, support local economies, and supply sustainable wood products.

Sylva's innovative myForest service provides online resources and planning tools to help bring a growing number of forests owners and managers (currently more than 3,000 covering over 50,000ha) into good condition.

Sylva are also part of the Forestry Advisory Consortium (FACE). FACE is a consortium of organisations and businesses across England that have come together to provide specialist support to forest and timber supply chain businesses.

"Sylva is great at brokering partnerships and bringing the right people together." Charles Robinson, Woodland Management Officer, National Forest Company

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