British Woodlands Survey 2017

The team behind the next major survey about our woodlands — launching in June 2017 — wants to hear from anyone with an interest in shaping the future of forestry in the UK. This is an opportunity for you to shape the fourth in a series of important national surveys, which will contribute to the development of forestry policy and practice in the UK.

Adopting a novel approach, the researchers are inviting participants to suggest important themes the survey should address. They are calling this ‘360-degree’ research, meaning that participants suggest the themes, then can help by contributing ideas and helping interpret findings. There will also be opportunities to take part in workshops around the UK.

Your participation is welcome in all or any of the following phases:

Phase 1 - Help shape the survey by suggesting priorities. September 2016.

Phase 2 - Attend a workshop to agree final themes & priorities. February 2017.

Phase 3 - Contribute to the survey. June 2017.

Phase 4 - Help review findings. September 2017.

Phase 1 is complete, thanks to all participants. We are now undertaking Phase 2: a series of workshops around Britain.
In Phase 2 we will finalise a set of main themes for the survey, agreed through a series of workshops in an iterative process adopting the Delphi method.

BWS2017 is led by researchers from Forest Research, Sylva Foundation, University of Oxford and Woodland Trust. Funding is provided by Scottish Forestry Trust, Forestry Commission Scotland, and Woodland Trust.