British Woodlands Survey 2017

Welcome to the British Woodlands Survey 2017

Devolution, pests & pathogens, Brexit, emerging markets, climate change, societal attitudes . . . just some of the momentous factors influencing our trees and woodlands, those who care for them, and those who rely on their products and services. We invite you to have your say about what these and other issues mean to you by taking part in Britain’s only dedicated national survey about our woodlands and forestry: the British Woodlands Survey 2017.

This year we are asking questions around themes already suggested by some 400 stakeholders as being most important for them personally and for the sector. We are also exploring themes of specific interest to England, Scotland and Wales.

BWS has a proven record of providing a solid evidence base which influences decision-making, and contributes to policy development. If you are a woodland owner or manager, farmer, land agent, professional forester or forestry/wood business, please take part and help shape the future of forestry.

The British Woodlands Survey (BWS) is a series of surveys undertaken to gather evidence about the nations' woodlands and those who care for them. BWS is co-ordinated by the Sylva Foundation with support from multiple partners across the forestry sector. The first BWS was conducted in 2012, intended as a baseline against which data from future major surveys can be compared. BWS2012 itself built upon an important series of surveys undertaken by the Department of Land Economy at the University of Cambridge since 1963.

Survey Questions
The length of the survey is dependent on your answers, as it includes intelligent routing. You will not be presented with all the possible questions. Please do allow sufficient time to complete it (about 30 minutes) but note you are able to save-and-exit at any point and return to complete the survey later.