Good Woods March 2013

Good Woods April 2014

Good Woods – working in partnership

In  2013 Sylva teamed up with leading home improvement and garden centre retailer B&Q and sustainability charity BioRegional to support woodland stewardship and the forestry sector in the UK.


  • Provided 300 woodland owners and managers, in Cumbria, South East and East of England with training in woodland management, linked to the myForest service. This covered an area of 12,000 ha of woodland.
  • Held woodland management and community engagement workshops involving 20 community groups.
  • Worked with B&Q and its suppliers to identify barriers and opportunities to increase sustainably produced timber from UK woodlands.
  • Provided tools and resources to support woodland stewardship and public engagement with woodland management (see below).

We would like to thank B&Q, Bioregional and all our partners and supporters in this fantastic project.