Latest Changes

OS grid display
19th September 2016

Woodland Manager now displays the OS Grid reference of your cursor as well as the lat/lng position.

You can see the display in the top right of the map.

New Woodland Manager mapping exports
11th August 2016

The new mapping system introduced in the last update has been extended to provide better exports.

Woodland Manager can now export your mapped features and sub-compartment boundaries as KML, GeoJSON or ESRI shapefiles.

how to export

  • Click the button next to either compartments or features.
  • You will be given a choice of formats - select from KML, GeoJSON or ESRI shapefiles, and click the download button.
New Woodland Manager mapping imports
25th July 2016

This update introduces a new mapping import system to the site.
The previous system provided import for KML files, but was based on an old KML version and could fail to import newer files.

The new system can import any KML or KMZ file, and also introduces support for GeoJSON and ESRI shapefiles.

The procedure for importing data has also slightly changed. Previously only sub-compartment boundaries could be imported, and polygons were chosen by hand. Following feedback from users we have added imports for features, and simplified the process:

  • Click the button next to either compartments or features and choose a file to import.
  • A new compartment or set of features will be created automatically and your mapping data will appear.

If you need to reorder your new features, or split your sub-compartments between several compartments, you can move and reorganise them in the usual way after the import.

importing shapefiles

The ESRI shapefile format consists of several separate files. There will always be three files with extensions .shp, .shx, and .dbf, but there may be others, such as a .prj projection file.

You need to upload a single file to myForest, so you need to put all of these files into a .zip.

If you need help making the .zip, instructions can be found here for Windows and here for Mac.