Woodland Manager

myForest provides free woodland management tools for land owners, managers and agents.

A new feature in version 3.0 is a unique account for those providing education in woodlands, such as Forest School leaders.

What is myForest?

  • The myForest service was developed by the Sylva Foundation as an online platform to support sustainable forest management by woodland owners and managers because the majority (72%) of woodlands in Britain are in private hands and about half of these are thought to be under- or un-managed.
  • The service is used currently by over 4,000 people to map and manage more than 45,000ha of woodlands across Britain.
  • The Sylva team have worked closely with Forestry Commission England and Forestry Commission Scotland to ensure compliance for myForest users with the regulatory framework.  With hope to provide this facility for users in Wales in the future.


  • map your woodlands using simple tools
  • map features, such as ponds, rivers, woodland rides and access points
  • calculate the area of your woodland compartments
  • create, download and print maps maps to inform management planning and operations
  • import and export your mapping data

management planning

  • create management plans which follow Forestry Commission England and Forestry Commission Scotland templates
  • create a Plan of Operations from your inventory data which can provide you with your Felling Licences
  • apply for stand alone Felling Licences (Scotland only)
  • plans includes individual compartment inventory information
  • plans are downloaded as PDF files for printing, emailing and back up and can be updated at any point


  • a slimmed down version of the main woodland owner account
  • specifically designed for providers of woodland education e.g. Forest School leaders
  • allows you to create a simple management plan for your woodland setting
  • builds your knowledge of sustainable woodland managment

woodland inventory

  • carry out an inventory of the trees growing in your woodland, including species, age and size
  • store information on habitat types
  • upload and store photographs of each woodland subcompartment


  • create your own unique agent account
  • store & edit information on your clients woodlands
  • create management plans and associated maps
  • promote your services to woodland owners through the Business Directory