A beautiful new orchard for our village
Be a part of the Wittenhams Community Orchard Cropshare Scheme

Join in with a unique village project - the Wittenhams Community Orchard at the Sylva Wood Centre. Become an Orchard CropSharer, support the planting and care of the orchard - and take a share of the harvest. The Community Orchard contains 50 fruit and nut trees, surrounded by wildlife-friendly, 'edible' hedges. A path meanders through the trees, while bees and orchard-friendly wildflowers help make sure the trees stay fruitful year on year. We hope the Orchard will be a peaceful, productive place, cared for by Sylva and CropSharers, that everyone in the local community can enjoy. But we need your help.

We recieved funding to help us plant the Orchard but we need your support to help pay for on-going maintenance and management, running education sessions for children and adults and managing the harvest process. Taking a Cropshare will not only support the Orchard and its management but also make a valuable contribution to the charitable work of the Sylva Foundation as a whole; helping British woodlands thrive for people and for nature. We hope families, businesses and organisations in the Wittenhams will get involved by taking one of the 50 Orchard Cropshares available.

As a Wittenham Community Orchard Cropsharer you will:

  • Be invited to attend the annual CropSharers Orchard Harvest Day; join in with fruit and nut picking, a guided orchard walk by one of Sylva's expert foresters and, we hope, demonstrations and tastings from local producers *
  • Share in the Orchard produce which will include apple juice, cider, dessert apples and other fruits and nuts
  • Receive seasonal email photo updates showing how the orchard is developing
  • Know you have helped create a new community space for the benefit of the whole village.

If you like getting your hands dirty you can also get involved in an Orchard CropSharers Working Party to help look after the Orchard. There are two ways to take a CropShare:

  • A monthly donation of £10/month for 24 months
  • A one-off payment of £250 to 'dedicate' a share. This is a great option for a special birthday, anniversary, business or organisation** and you'll receive a dedication certificate to give as a gift.

* Produce from the orchard will be shared equally between CropSharers each year according to guidelines drawn up by CropSharers and Sylva Foundation in a spirit of goodwill and community co-operation. This is a natural project and fruit cannot be guaranteed. ** Any business or organisation taking a CropShare can nominate two people to attend the Harvest Day.

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