Due to Covid-19, we have reduced personnel at the offices of the Sylva Foundation and our premises at the Sylva Wood Centre. Emails and phone messages are being checked but please allow a little longer than usual to receive a response.
Please do not arrange a formal visit without first checking with us. Members of the public are free to enjoy our network of permitted paths through the Future Forest as usual.

Sylva Anniversary Patrons

Sylva Foundation is a small charity that punches well above its weight. Our aim is unique - to help Britain's trees and forests thrive for people and for nature and encourage innovation in design and making in home-grown wood. The way we do things is pretty unusual too.

Sylva has a reputation for innovation, for being able to broker constructive and collaborative partnerships, and a strong record of achievement. We blend science and art to challenge perceptions and change behaviours. And we are not afraid to tackle complex ideas or to challenge the status quo.

Although Sylva is small we're efficient. We use information technology cleverly to make positive change happen on a large scale and to conduct targeted research that underpins our programmes. We offer free online tools that make a measurable difference to woodland management and woodland education. And these same tools help us build networks of citizen scientists, research groups and communities of interest such as educators and woodworkers. These networks help us inform policy and change practice.

The Sylva Foundation team - trustees, staff and advisors - bring unparalleled experience and expertise in forestry, environmental education and science, and in designing and making with wood. And this small, dedicated team of professionals achieves a lot with a little. Our core costs are kept to an absolute minimum, yet we make change happen at a national scale.

Since our formation in 2009, we have been fortunate to be funded primarily by visionary private philanthropists. This means we have been able to concentrate more on action and delivery than fundraising. We have exciting and ambitious plans for the next five years; we want to help bring 110,000ha (or 5%) of all privately-owned woodlands in the UK into active management, develop the Sylva Wood Centre in Oxfordshire to be a nationally recognised centre for innovation in wood, train over 2,000 educators, educating over 6,000 young people per year, in the importance of sustainable woodland management – and do more inspiring, collaborative science to help drive real change in forestry policy and practice.

To achieve these goals we need to secure the ongoing support of more people and organisations who share our vision. By 2018 - in time for our tenth anniversary - we want to secure unrestricted funding to cover core costs and to find funding partners for exciting developments in our core programmes. These include the Sylva Wood Centre, myForestLab - our citizen science programme and new myForest woodland management tools.

Founder Patrons

Sir Martin Wood

Lady Audrey Wood

Sylva Anniversary Patrons are a group of individuals and organisations who are as passionate about our work as we are. Could you join them?

With your help, we can continue our pioneering work to meet the many challenges, and opportunities, facing our trees and forests. Together we can make a tangible difference to the environment and to society as a whole.

For more information or to discuss becoming a Sylva Anniversary Patron please contact Dr Gabriel Hemery on 01865 408016 or email gabriel@sylva.org.uk.