Due to Covid-19, we have reduced personnel at the offices of the Sylva Foundation and our premises at the Sylva Wood Centre. Emails and phone messages are being checked but please allow a little longer than usual to receive a response.
Please do not arrange a formal visit without first checking with us. Members of the public are free to enjoy our network of permitted paths through the Future Forest as usual.

Stewardship science

Stewardship Science is scientific research conducted by the owners or stewards of natural resources. It differs from citizen science in that the participants have a defined claim on the processes, ownership, or income generating nature of a resource in question.

Our work supporting thousands of private woodland owners across the UK in mapping and managing their tree resources with the myForest Service has opened up the possibility of us collaborating with these land stewards to collect environmental data for research purposes. Uniquely this also provides a perfect feedback mechanism in that we can inform participants about the outcomes of their contributions locally, regionally and nationally.

Currently we have two Stewardship Projects:

  • Collaborative Management of Wild Deer in England - in collaboration with the Deer Initiative we are working with woodland owners to enable them to report on deer numbers and browsing damage.
  • SilviFuture - a network established to promote and share knowledge about novel forest species across Britain www.silvifuture.org.uk.

We have also conducted citizen science, notably with the Defra-funded Living Ash Project where Sylva Foundation helped thousands of people identify and tag ash trees to help secure a future for this species.

Sylva Foundation is interested in developing these activities further. Please contact us to discuss your needs.