A perfect gift for anyone who loves trees and nature

posted on December 10, 2015

The New Sylva - a perfect Christmas gift for a tree loverThe New Sylva would make a perfect gift for someone special to you who loves trees and nature.

Every book purchased helps raise money towards our charitable work. Our online shop is the only place where you can purchase copies signed by both authors.

Last date for posted Christmas orders:

Thursday 17th December 2015


” . . . any gardener or naturalist could only be delighted to be given The New Sylva: A Discourse of Forest & Orchard Trees for the 21st Century by Gabriel Hemery and Sarah Simblet, renovating John Evelyn’s classic, Sylva, of 1664. Beautifully illustrated with black-and-white pen-and-ink drawings by Simblet, it sets out “to revitalise our wood culture: to plant a tree; to marvel at the beauty and richness of a woodland…”.  The New Sylva looks to the future for each species — and it’s a delight on every page.” London Evening Standard

“This is a magnificent book which will appeal not only to anybody interested in trees, but also those who appreciate beautiful books. Highly recommended.” Irish Forestry

“Gabriel Hemery’s text is a precise, fascinating, fluent, wide-ranging and hard-headed synthesis: an excellent popular introduction to tree biology and forestry. But the book is more than that . . . Hemery is out to celebrate and inspire passion and love . . . The drawings really are astonishing: they are fine and vivid, combining anatomical precision with qualities that arouse intense emotion . . . This book is gorgeous, precious and important.” Resurgence and Ecologist

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