Data Protection Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we, as an organisation, respect any personal data shared with us, and work to keep it secure.

Privacy Notice – Online Services

Our Privacy Notice presents our Privacy Policy in a user-friendly format.
It tells you what to expect when we collect personal information across a range of websites, services and activities.

Privacy Notice – Sylva Foundation

This Privacy Notice tells you what to expect when Sylva Foundation collects personal information.

Service Terms – Online Services

These terms inform you about the rules for using our online software services.

myForest Paid Accounts Terms of Supply

These terms cover the myForest paid plan.

Information Security Policy

This is the overarching policy which explains the key ways that Sylva Foundation ensures the secure handling of data and information while providing appropriate access.

Cyber Essentials Certificate

Our Cyber Essentials Certificate demonstrates Sylva Foundation’s commitment to cyber security using this government-backed scheme.


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