Father and Son team start work on OneOak furniture

posted on March 20, 2012

One of Britain’s leading designer makers, Philip Koomen, has started work on his OneOak piece of furniture. We will be following his progress over the next few months. He is collaborating with his son Jody Koomen, also a designer maker, who will be using the offcuts from Philip’s work to make his own pieces.

Philip has been an advisor to the OneOak project, assisting in the specifications for the milling, and helping to bring together many of the designer makers.

Philip Koomen and Jody Koomen, furniture makers

Philip and Jody Koomen, father and son furniture designers and makers, in front of their OneOak boards outside Philip’s workshop in south Oxfordshire

Philip’s workshops are based in south Oxfordshire (see Philip Koomen Furniture), while his son is based in Northumberland in the north of England (see Jody Koomen Furniture).


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