One thousand questions submitted – have you shared yours?

posted on June 23, 2014
Take the T20Q survey

Take the T20Q survey

T20Q has been running less than a month and we are delighted that so many people have submitted such interesting questions. We have reached almost 1000 questions in three languages, but we are aiming much higher! Your voice deserves to be heard! So please submit your questions through the website. Click here

Here are a few questions that we received recently (to get you thinking):

  • What is the potential of forests and trees to mitigate climate change if all opportunities of active management and substitution are included?
  • How can we measure biodiversity (potential) with one or a few generic variables that are easily understandable and acceptable?
  • How does urbanisation change the priorities and financial flows to landscapes?
  • Why are forest plantations often seen as negative feature, while planting trees is seen as very positive activity?
  • Which are the “missing middles” in policies related to landscapes, i.e. which areas of forestry/agriculture/other land uses are outside or only marginally covered by policy interventions?
  • How effective is neoclassic economic theory and methods (including natural capital accounting) for realising stakeholder objectives for landscapes?
  • Which development opportunities are lost, and to what magnitude, because siloed sectors and institutions miss out on combined solutions, e.g. across Sustainable Development Goals?
  • To what extent will higher valuation of food (higher food prices) improve farming livelihoods and environmental sustainability and to what extent is there a tradeoff with food security?

T20Q – top twenty questions for forestry and landscapes is a project within the broader Evidence-Based Forestry (EBF) initiative, led by CIFOR and its partners.

T20Q is a global project that allows you to have your say about issues of importance.

Many believe that too few people are involved in setting research and policy agendas. T20Q is a vehicle for your voice.

From May to October 2014 we will be collecting your ideas in a variety of ways, including workshops, online surveys and social media.


  1. Just filled in the survey. It is well-designed and thought-provoking.
    Look forward to the results!

    Comment by Kevyn — June 25, 2014 @ 11:57 am

  2. Well managed forests are often cited as our best places to sink carbon, but what about shrublands. Often long lived, and with deep extensive root systems, doesn’t protecting and restoring shrubland ecosystems make just as much sense as protecting and restoring forested ecosystems?

    Comment by Drew — June 26, 2014 @ 6:08 am

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