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posted on June 25, 2012

Derek Elliot, furniture maker at Out of the Wood by Elliot & Co. Ltd , has revealed that he will be making a OneOak clock.

Derek said:

Most clocks tell time as it passes. We often complain that we do not have enough of this substance ‘time’ and do not have the space to do many of the things we would love to do. This clock is a whimsy, since unlike normal clocks, this one stores ‘time’. To remind us that there is always time available for the whole hearted pursuit of what we love, each moment the hand strikes, there is more ‘time’ stored, to make it possible. So this clock is a treasure: it brings us peace and calm, rather than the stress that our idea of time brings down on us.

The clock is made from the wood of the ‘One Oak’. The tree is a device which stores ‘time’ over a long period. This is visible in the structure of annual rings in the tree. So it is even more appropriate that ‘time’ is stored in what is already a time device. To follow the whimsy even further, we shall place some objects in the cupboard, which signify how we want to be with this precious ‘time’. We would like to invite you to join us by thinking of an object you would put in there. You can write on the paper available and insert it into the ballot box. We shall then collate the results and publish them on the One Oak site and see what we have in common or not.

The clock also has some ‘stored’ music. It is played entirely on wood or by wooden instruments. So the theme of release is continued. What happens when we open the door, rather than assume it is closed, because there is not ‘enough’. The music is composed by the designer’s daughter, Faith.

Derek Elliot

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