Forest & Climate Change Partnership

Forest & Climate Change Partnership

The Forest & Climate Change Partnership (FCCP) shares a vision that Britain’s trees, woods and forests are resilient to climate change and therefore able to meet their full potential to provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

The Forestry and Climate Change Partnership

The Forestry & Climate Change Partnership (FCCP) is a cross-sector group of forestry, conservation and government organisations who have come together to reaffirm their commitment to work together to promote the importance of adapting trees, woods and forests to climate change.

Climate change and the associated environmental impacts including drought, flooding, fire, pests and pathogens present serious threats to the health of our trees, woods and forests. 

There is an urgent need to improve the resilience of both newly created and existing woodland to climate change.

The FCCP is working to communicate the case for adaptation, to provide training and education, inform research priorities and contribute to policy development.

Forestry & Environmental Change

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