House of Wessex

In 2016, the remains of an important Anglo-Saxon building were discovered on our land at the Sylva Wood Centre in south Oxfordshire.

House of Wessex timber frame

In 2019, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund we worked with more than 100 volunteers to design, construct, and raise a replica of an Anglo-Saxon building discovered on our land at the Sylva Wood Centre. The timber frame was made entirely by hand with axes and wedges, with a thatched roof and hazel walls.

Living History Society the Wulfheodenas have now moved into the house, and hold events to turn the House of Wessex into a living breathing reconstruction of Anglo-Saxon society. They display their crafts of metal work, weaving, and even a little cooking on the open fire.

Wulfheodenas at the House of Wessex, July 2019

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