Forest Lab

Forest Lab

Forest Lab is an exciting new project for myForest users to collect and share data to help support knowledge exchange, benefit forest management and forestry science.

Forest Lab is an innovative project for woodland owners and managers, developed in partnership with Forest Research.  Using the latest technology, Forest Lab enables myForest users to become volunteer ‘stewardship scientists’ by joining science projects, collaborating with researchers and sharing data to improve forest resilience, enhance forest biodiversity, and protect nature and the landscape.

Forest Lab presents a unique opportunity to collect and share data between woodland owners and managers, researchers and scientists that will have an impact, not just on individual private woodlands, but on the resilience of forests right across Britain.

I see change within my own woodland due to disease and possibly climate change. The more that can be learnt about these effects the better I will be able to adapt my management in the future.

Woodland Owner, 
2022 myForest Survey

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