Due to Covid-19, we have reduced personnel at the offices of the Sylva Foundation and our premises at the Sylva Wood Centre. Emails and phone messages are being checked but please allow a little longer than usual to receive a response.
Please do not arrange a formal visit without first checking with us. Members of the public are free to enjoy our network of permitted paths through the Future Forest as usual.

Privacy & Terms

Sylva Foundation Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice presents our Privacy Policy in a user-friendly format.
It tells you what to expect when we collect personal information across a range of websites, services and activities.

Sylva Suite Privacy Notice

This privacy notice tells you what to expect when we collect personal information under our suite of online software services.

Sylva Suite Service Terms

These terms inform you about the rules for using our suite of online software services.

myForest Premium Terms of Supply

These terms cover the myForest premium account which is a paid option for myForest users.

Cookies Policy

This policy sets out why and how Sylva Foundation collects information using Cookies, and how you can change your settings.

Our Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy sets out how we, as an organisation, respect any personal data shared with us, and work to keep it secure.
It is primarily an internal document but is provided here for transparency. It is presented in a user-friendly format via the Sylva Foundation Privacy Notice.