Sylva Scholar wins prestigious grant for school project

posted on February 9, 2012

Kirsty Monk, our Sylva Scholar, has joined forces with a local school to bring science to life for the children, and in return they will help Kirsty in her studies.

Kirsty, in collaboration with Mrs Geerthi  Ahilan, Science co-ordinator at St Ebbe’s C.E. (Aided) Primary School have won a Royal Society Partnership Grant, worth £2896 for their study, “War and Peace: Species interactions on Hogacre Common”.

The project involves the whole school and aims to assess the biodiversity found in different habitats on Hogacre common, an 11 acre area of old sports field leased to the community by Corpus Christi College. The school hopes to convert this area into a rich and diverse community resource involving the children in all stages from planning through experimentation to presenting the results.  This will be an invaluable project to both the schools and the local community who will benefit from a greater understanding of the biodiversity of the common and the enhancement resulting from the restoration and conservation aspects of the project.

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