TreeWatch pilot launched

posted on July 1, 2010

We are delighted to launch our latest initiative today: TreeWatch.

TreeWatch is a ‘citizen science’ project that aims, with the help of the public, to keep a watchful eye on the health of trees across Europe.  It is being launched as a pilot for 2010 in partnership with the Tree Council and Earthwatch, and in collaboration with scientists from Forest Research.


TreeWatch activities for the pilot this year are limited to looking at one tree species and one of its pests: the horse chestnut leaf miner.  We thought that by launching TreeWatch as a pilot, we can learn more about the effectiveness of the online tools and how to engage with volunteers.  Our hope is that the pilot will be a such a success that it will help us launch a full TreeWatch project in 2011.

During 2010 we will be working directly with the Tree Wardens across the UK, and with Earthwatch volunteers.  However, anyone can sign up and get involved.  If you know a horse chestnut tree, perhaps in your local park or one that you walk past everyday, why not ‘adopt’ it and put it on the map?  To find out more visit

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