Woodland Wildlife Toolkit

A web-based toolkit providing advice on managing woodlands for wildlife, in particular rare and declining species that are dependent on woodland habitats.

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Woodland Wildlife Toolkit brings together species data from more than 30 expert organisations, and allows you to search for important wildlife that is likely to be found in or near your woodland based on available survey and distribution data.

The Woodland Wildlife Toolkit provides practical expert advice on wildlife species and how to manage your woodland in order to provide these habitats so they can thrive. 

The toolkit makes woodland management decisions easier. In addition to detailed advice for specific species, it provides advice on assessing the condition of your woodland. This includes helpful guidance on everything from managing mixed different woodland types, timing of management, to native woodland creation.

This information is crucial to developing a management plan that will create healthy habitats in your woodland.

Woodland Wildlife Toolkit

The Woodland Wildlife Toolkit has been developed in collaboration with: Bat Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation, Forestry Commission, Natural England, Plantlife, RSPB, Sylva Foundation and Woodland Trust.

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