T20Q co-ordinators talk about the next phase of the global project

posted on December 9, 2014
T20Q podcast December 2014

t20q podcast December 2014

T20Q co-ordinators, Gabriel Hemery and Gill Petrokofsky, talked recently to Jen Hurst about the next phase of the global project.

The discussion covered the background to the project, how the 2500 respondents from 104 countries who took part in the first phase have been re-engaged in a new phase, and how the set of 109 questions was derived under seven themes:

  • Ecosystem services
  • Management of Forest and Forested Land
  • Land use and Landscape
  • Economics and Trade
  • Conservations and Biodiversity
  • People and Society
  • Climate Change

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Listen to their conversation:

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    Podrían enviarme las preguntas de la encuesta T20Q que se realizo en el año 2014

    Gracias por su apoyo


    Josué Mario Guardado
    Técnico Forestal
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    Centro América

    Comment by Josué Mario Guardado — January 5, 2015 @ 2:36 pm

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