About myForest

The myForest service has been developed by the Sylva Foundation as an online platform to support sustainable forest management by woodland owners and managers (including agents) – because the majority (72%) of woodlands in Britain are in private hands and about half of these are thought to be under- or un-managed.

The service is used currently by over 4000 people to map and manage more than 45,000ha of woodlands across Britain.

Woodland Management

myForest provides a free woodland management account to encourage and support sustainable approaches to managing trees and woodlands. Integral to the account is a management planning tool based on FC England's and FC Scotland's planning template. Producing a management plan enables managers to decide on a strategy for the best practice approach to woodland management and provides a strong reference point upon which to base future decisions.

Forest Education

myForest supports forest education initiatives such as Forest School by giving providers access to woodland management tools. The tools will allow education providers to learn more about the principles of sustainable woodland management and these principles can then be passed on to the children they are teaching. We hope that this will help towards the development of more forest education throughout the country.

This work has been supported by the Patsy Wood Trust.


The Sylva Foundation is grateful to the many people who have contributed to the development of the myForest website. myForest aims to continually evolve in order to improve as a facility and through this approach, support the efficient functioning of a sustainable forestry sector.