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Our mission: reviving Britain's wood culture

about Sylva Foundation

Sylva Foundation is an environmental charity registered in England and Wales (No.1128516) and in Scotland (No.SC041892).

Sylva Foundation helps trees and people to grow together.We believe a dynamic relationship between people and the natural environment is vitally important so we focus on ensuring woodlands are relevant to modern society as well as resilient to environmental change.

We were founded in 2009 in Oxfordshire by Chartered Foresters passionate about the environment and the role of woodland in society, and we now work across the UK. We work to influence, educate and support people who work with and care for trees now and in the future. For example:

We provide intelligence, and online tools to support owners of the 72% of woodland in private hands - helping them manage their woodlands more sustainably for the benefit of everyone.

We help children understand the importance of trees and woodlands for sustainable living and how to manage them well, and we provide online tools to support teachers and other educators who use woodlands for learning.

We underpin our work with robust science — much of which we commission or support ourselves — and apply that intelligence to influence policy and practice in Britain’s forests.

And, through the Sylva Wood Centre in Oxfordshire, we offer people who work in home-grown wood the space, facilities and additional training they need to innovate, create and establish businesses designing and making in wood. This will, in time, help increase the economic as well as environmental value of wood and trees

We believe we are unusual in the way which we go about our work – often blending science and art to challenge perceptions and change behaviours. We are well-respected for working collaboratively – not competitively – with over forty other organisations in the sector.

Read more about why sustainable woodland management matters, our roots and our people.

Annual Reviews

Our Annual Review for 2015-16 is now available.

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previous years

Our formal reports from trustees and financial statements are available direct from the Charity Commission (England & Wales) and from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (Scotland).

the charity

The Sylva Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales 1128516 and in Scotland SC041892

We organise our work according to four programmes that relate directly to our charitable objects and which ensure the delivery of public benefits, namely: Science (1), Education (2), Forestry (3) and Wood (4).

Our charitable objects are to promote the conservation of the environment for the public benefit consistent with sustainable development principles by:

  1. promoting and conducting research for the public benefit about effective sustainable forest management and the dissemination of the useful results of such research;
  2. advancing education for the public benefit in the theory and practice of sustainable forest management;
  3. supporting the development and application of sustainable forest management for the public benefit;
  4. advancing education and business enterprise in the design and production of home-grown wood products for the public benefit.